Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Release Party

Did any of you go to a Potter Party? How was it?

This is not a review! So don’t worry about seeing any spoilers. I put a short blurb down at the bottom about some basic thoughts on the book, but KEEP THE SECRETS. I will have a full review up in a few days though, and it will have spoilers. If you want spoilers see this buzzfeed post.

img_5216Of course I went to a Harry Potter Release Party. What else would I do with my life? Certainly nothing productive, not when there’s Harry Potter on the line. Seriously though, I’ve been to more Harry Potter parties than I can count, and each and everyone of them was a blast.

Since I knew I would be at the release party from about 8pm until well after midnight I opted for comfortable clothes rather than a full on cosplay – although I do have a Rowena Ravenclaw cosplay, but don’t worry, it makes an appearance later – and made myself a pair of Spectrospects and wore my “Quidditch Tryouts” shirt and my Diadem necklace.

img_5221The party was at my local Barnes and Noble and I arrived just as it was starting. There were a lot of people I knew there – and they were all nice people! Isn’t that good! – and I had a lot of fun waiting on midnight to roll around and goofing off. I did some art (shown right), but mostly I just looked at all the fantastic cosplays and did a lot of fangirling.

Yes I did stay all the way until midnight to get the book, although, I didn’t stay up all night reading it (I did wake up at 8am to read, however). It was totally worth it.

img_5272The next mornting – on the 31st – I met my friend, who couldn’t make it out at midnight, at the same Barnes and Noble for another Potter Party. It was supposed to be an entire day of chatting about Harry (and the play for those of us who had read it) and doing fun games and activities. What it was was a few young kids who probably hadn’t been allowed out the night before and leftover activities from the party. And I – as Rowena Ravenclaw – was the only one in costume!! I had some fun photos taken as Rowen anyway. I may even fix up that costume (I dug it out of my closet), find a brown wig, and make a better diadem and use it for Halloween. I will almost certainly wear it to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which I plan to attend at midnight.

I’m very glad I got it at midnight, because by 1pm (when I was there a second time) they had sold out. Below are some photos of my night, a short (spoiler free!) review of the book, and my social media posts.


The Play

I promised no spoilers, so that’s what you’ll get. What I can say is that it was better than I expected considering how mixed the reviews were. Yes there are parts of it that read “like fanfiction” but at this point there is so much fanfiction out there that you couldn’t NOT have some element of it in there. There are also a lot more cameos from classic Potter characters than you’re expecting (and the reason you’ve not seen any photos of them in costume is that it would give away a lot of the plot of the play) and yes some of them will make you cry. Even characters who didn’t have a cameo were mentioned (very dangerous drinking game: take a drink every time a member of Harry’s class at Hogwarts is mentioned or shows up).

Overall I loved it, and I’ll have a lot more up soon.

Social Media

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