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Stereotype Saturday
NaBloPoMo 2016 #5

You know those books (or movies or whatever) whose characters have just wild names? Sometimes all the characters have insane names, sometimes only a few do (and then it’s just really weird and slightly awkward).


If you’ve never seen the 1960s Batman TV series and/or movie you are seriously missing out on some of the best names for characters and things ever. But Batman in general has some pretty cool names. Check out the hilariously funny BatLabels twitter account for more.

Bat-Fam: There’s Batman who picked the most self-explanatory name ever, and then Batgirl the ultimate kickass batman-fangirl.

Batstuff:  Bat-erangs, bat-spray, bat shark repellant, batbombs, etc. Basically if you can name it Bruce Wayne can stick “bat” in front of it.


Like everything else in this movie, superhero names are often parodied.

Ajax: Deadpool jokes that he got his name from the dishsoap, when in fact both names are a play off the Greek Warrior was was “stronger than Greece”

Deadpool: Once again, he parodies himself by considering the name “Captain Deadpool”

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: She was literally chosen to be a character because of how awesome her name was and Deadpool repeatedly comments on it (and asks to trade).

Harry Potter by JK Rowling

Not Harry himself (his name was chosen to be bland for a reason) but his children and some of the supporting characters.

Dumbledore: It means ‘bumblebee’ and I think that’s all that needs said.

Professor Sprout: Her name is spout and she works with plants and if you don’t think thats hilarious.

Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Pretty much all of the main characters in James Pattern’s Maximum ride fall into this category.



Kidnapped by a Dragon

Welcome to Stereotype Saturday! This week’s stereotype is the “princess/damsel who is kidnapped by a dragon.”

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Winter Lady

This week’s Stereotype Saturday is one of my favorite tropes. ‘Winter Lady’ is when there is a character who can control ice or winter itself. I can’t speak for why this is so popular with others, but for me its something I’ve been obsessed with since I started ice skating.

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Costume Porn

Costume porn is when the author spends too much time describing what the characters are wearing, sometimes even distracting from the plot. Why do we still read these books? Because it appeals to our inner desire to be a prince(ss).

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Snarky Love Interest

I’m going to be very honest and say that if it weren’t for the mere title of the TV Tropes article Well Excuse Me Princess, I wouldn’t have done this. I just needed to know if anyone else has seen the old Legend of Zelda cartoon because frankly its AWFUL. The reason I bring up this old relic, is because Link’s catchphrase is ‘Well Excuse Me Princess’ every time Zelda gets upset or snarky with him (usually rightfully so). If you’ve not seen the show I can’t say I recommend it, but if you feel the need to hear ‘well excuse me princess’ just watch the embedded clip.

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