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Many of these reviews were posted as a part of Media Monday. All my reviews can be found in the Movie Review Category. Please do not be offended by my reviews, they are completely honest and completely my opinion. If there are spoilers in the review, I will include a warning in the first paragraph of the post.

I rarely give starred reviews to movies.


  • If it is a link, it leads it a review
  • If it is not a link it means I intend to review it.
  • If it says “coming soon” that means its been written and scheduled, but not published (or I forgot to add the link and will do that soon)
  • ** means I’ve not seen it yet, but that I intend to soon
  • Live Tweeted: Means that I tweeted as I was watching the movie and the tweets are embedded in the post for your amusement.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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RWBY by Rooster Teeth


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Star Wars




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    • Avengers Assemble
      • Frost Fight — Live Tweets (coming Christmas 2016)

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Iron Man


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    • Spiderman (coming soon)
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Justice League: