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NaBloPoMo 2016 #10
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A Character Appearance You Misread and Imagined Differently

I’m not sure about this one.

A Character Name You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

Probably a lot. I wasn’t one of the ones who messed up Hermione, because my mom knew some people with that name when she was a kid, but I’m sure there are a ton I’ve messed up.

Like the main character of Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I knew I was messing it up so I just called her Aggie.

Overused Trope that is Your Guilty Pleasure

I also like “fight to the death” / “only one can live” but not in the traditional, Hunger Games sense.

  • Harry Potter
    • “Only one can live while the other survives.”
  • Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
    • Three princesses are born each generation and one must defeat the other two to claim the crown.
  • Dualed by Elsie Chapman
    • Everyone has a twin who was raised by a different family and you have to either kill them or be killed.

I love the “lost princess” trope more than I should say. Its really, really good, and even better when theres politics involved (I love Politics in my High Fantasy!).

A Cliche Character that You Like Better on Screen than in Books

“Obnoxious Leader is Actually Funny”

I feel like this is a trope that works better on screen than in any other medium, so long as the actor knows what they’re doing. Because then they can use their face (which, yes facial expressions can be described in books, but its easier in movies).

A Word/Phrase that You Learned Because of its Use in a Book

A lot. I can’t even being to say how many words and phrases I’ve learned from books, but the problem with that is, that I don’t pronounce most of them “correctly.” Listening to me speak is pretty interesting, because I’m a very phonetic person and pronounce words exactly how they’re written.

My mom tried to get me speech therapy at one point (because even before the phonetical problems kicked in I had a mild speech impediment), but the school said “Don’t worry, the other kids will pick on her and she’ll self correct.” They did pick on me, and I learned not to trust people.

Have You Ever Not Read or Not Completed a Required Book for School?

Feed by MT Anderson

I had to say any book was bad….. but it was.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

I like Shakespeare plays, but I detest reading them. I do have a book at home that I use for some school stuff,

Frankenstien by Mary Shelly

I tried to read this, I really did, but I could not for the life of me get into it.

Have You Ever (or Wanted to) Skipped a Chapter from a Certain Character’s POV?

The main reason I stopped reading A Song of Ice and Fire (other than the rampant rape) after the second book was because I only really liked a few of the characters. I only really liked Dany and Tyrion, and could only stand the chapters by them, occasionally Cersi, and Arya. Everyone else’s chapters I just wanted to skip, especially John Snow’s.

Have You Ever Canceled Social Plans to Read a Book?

No, not really. Not anymore. I don’t make a lot of social plans, but when I do I almost always go. I used to, all the time, to get out of having to be with my then best friend (pro tip: if you fake illness or injury to get out of seeing your ‘friend’ you shouldn’t be friends with them).


Supercool Name

Stereotype Saturday
NaBloPoMo 2016 #5

You know those books (or movies or whatever) whose characters have just wild names? Sometimes all the characters have insane names, sometimes only a few do (and then it’s just really weird and slightly awkward).


If you’ve never seen the 1960s Batman TV series and/or movie you are seriously missing out on some of the best names for characters and things ever. But Batman in general has some pretty cool names. Check out the hilariously funny BatLabels twitter account for more.

Bat-Fam: There’s Batman who picked the most self-explanatory name ever, and then Batgirl the ultimate kickass batman-fangirl.

Batstuff:  Bat-erangs, bat-spray, bat shark repellant, batbombs, etc. Basically if you can name it Bruce Wayne can stick “bat” in front of it.


Like everything else in this movie, superhero names are often parodied.

Ajax: Deadpool jokes that he got his name from the dishsoap, when in fact both names are a play off the Greek Warrior was was “stronger than Greece”

Deadpool: Once again, he parodies himself by considering the name “Captain Deadpool”

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: She was literally chosen to be a character because of how awesome her name was and Deadpool repeatedly comments on it (and asks to trade).

Harry Potter by JK Rowling

Not Harry himself (his name was chosen to be bland for a reason) but his children and some of the supporting characters.

Dumbledore: It means ‘bumblebee’ and I think that’s all that needs said.

Professor Sprout: Her name is spout and she works with plants and if you don’t think thats hilarious.

Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Pretty much all of the main characters in James Pattern’s Maximum ride fall into this category.


Novels of Ideas

I stumbled across a lovely phrase that really stuck with me in a Crash Course video the other day: Novels of Ideas.

A novel of ideas (which I shall be calling NOI for the sake of simplicity), according to John Green, is a novel that is “primarily about its ideas” rather than being about the story itself. This includes books such as William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, George Orwell’s 1984, and many more. Now what do all of these books have in common besides being a NOI? I hate them.

“A novel of ideas is only as good or as bad as its ideas.”

– John Green

I must agree with the above sentiment from John Green, which is expressed in the video that inspired this blog post/rant/discussion. A NOI is, after all, written to teach a moral and therefore is better to be read in philosophy class rather than read for fun. It wants to teach you something, is a genre (overwhelming) written by old white males, and is (thankfully) going out of style in more recent years. It seems that today NOI are being published overwhelmingly in the Christian Literature genre. In these novels there is a very easy to find ‘flaw’ in the main character, and, once it is resolved, she (because that is almost always who the main character is) is able to settle down with a Good Christian husband and lead a Good Christian life. This is a bit different from NOI where often there were religious themes, however, there was seldom such a happy ending. (Please don’t think I’m mocking any religion by comparing it to NOI, I am not, I am however, not a fan of Christian Lit.)

Another thing that could be compared to NOI (and, for that matter, Christian Lit) are the ancient epics which tell tales of humanity and its many, many, many flaws (take for example The Odyssey by Homer where the main character messes up constantly, has PTSD, murders a ton of people, and is still regarded as a great hero). Epics were written to tell tales, but at the same time they were meant to teach important lessons (because many ancient religions lacked a ‘main’ religious text similar to The Bible or the Quran, people had to read into the texts to see how they were supposed to act. As such you could justify almost any action in Ancient Greece, including sleeping with your mother (I’m looking at you Oedipus).

I believe a NOI is not the same as a satire. A NOI takes itself very seriously and thinks it is an interesting work, a satire, on the other hand, does not take itself too seriously (on the outside), and knows when to take a break from the lesson and throw in some fun. At the end of the day the author of a novel of ideas is – for better or for worse – trying to impose their moral views on you rather than just tell you a story.

“Some books are undeservedly forgotten. None are undeservedly remembered.”

– W.H. Auden

Is that a bad thing? Of course not, there are many books that both tell a story and teach a lesson. Harry Potter by JK Rowling comes to mind. Harry Potter is, at its core, a book about the most true form of magic: friendship and love. But very few would argue that it is not still a good story. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien teaches about the value of friendship and over coming differences and the strengths of the underdog. George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire teaches the very true lesson that incest will not end well and rape will be ignored as long as the perpetrator is a good looking or powerful man. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins manages to tackle some of the same issues as 1984 – like governmental power and media bias and corruption – and still tell a very interesting story at the same time.

So, now for the big question: what do you think about a so-called Novel of Ideas?

Gotta Read ’em All!

This Read-a-Thon is hosted by Read At Midnight, who also did the Pokemon Go Book Tag just in case you were wondering how much its taken over her life.

For me this read-a-thon comes at whats either a great time or a terrible time: the first week of college. That means that I will probably be combining books – which yes, will cost me points according to the FAQ – but I’ll still be reading and posting about lots of Pokemon so it will still be fun!

I’ve set up my list so that there are some badges that I won’t have to do in case I run out of time, picking books that could work for more than one badge so I don’t need to stress if I can’t read one for every gym. That being said, I’d prefer to

My393Piplup_DP_anime_2 Pokemon

If you’ve not read the original post – and you really should which is why I linked to it in the first place – you need to know that part of the challenge can include leveling up your own Pokemon and, of course, I chose Piplup!


  • Level 50 CP is Prinplup
  • Level 400 CP is Empoleon


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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildHarry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series: Book 8 of Harry Potter

Here is the review that I promised in my post about the Harry Potter Release Party!

There will be spoilers, but they will be down at the very bottom and under a read more (if you see the photo of me on the floor and you don’t want to see spoilers, then its time to turn back)!

The Eighth Story. Nineteen Years Later.

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

As I said before: I actually liked this more than I thought that I would. Yes I know a lot of people have been saying “it read like fanfiction” and, while they’re not wrong, it would have been hard for it not to have for a variety of reasons:

  1. There is so much fanfic of Harry Potter that basically every possible plot has been explored at least twice.
  2. It kinda was? JK Rowling wasn’t the only author, so her co-authors basically were writing fanfic and then getting it okayed by her.
  3. Its not the old Harry Potter and it never will be. Nothing will ever again capture the magic like the first 7 books.
  4. The fans have very high expectations. Very high. Like, impossible to achieve high.



  • I can, without spoiling anything, tell you that Teddy Lupin and Hagrid are not in this book and that is completely unacceptable.
  • I wish it were an actual book, rather than a play (of course, it would need to be like, at least three books to cover everything).
  • It was definitely fan-service.
  • Its slow to get moving; a large portion of the first bit of the book is just Harry and Albus complaining about their lives.


When I finished this book I literally feel off the couch and laid on the floor (pics below because it did happen and I can prove it). There were just so many feelings welling up inside me that I don’t really know what to do. The first thing I want to do is read it again, and then I’ll be able to tell you a bit more about how it made me feel.

If you like Harry Potter – and you’re not one of those people who think “she should just stop writing” which I’ve covered here – then this is definitely worth reading.



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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Release Party

Did any of you go to a Potter Party? How was it?

This is not a review! So don’t worry about seeing any spoilers. I put a short blurb down at the bottom about some basic thoughts on the book, but KEEP THE SECRETS. I will have a full review up in a few days though, and it will have spoilers. If you want spoilers see this buzzfeed post.

img_5216Of course I went to a Harry Potter Release Party. What else would I do with my life? Certainly nothing productive, not when there’s Harry Potter on the line. Seriously though, I’ve been to more Harry Potter parties than I can count, and each and everyone of them was a blast.

Since I knew I would be at the release party from about 8pm until well after midnight I opted for comfortable clothes rather than a full on cosplay – although I do have a Rowena Ravenclaw cosplay, but don’t worry, it makes an appearance later – and made myself a pair of Spectrospects and wore my “Quidditch Tryouts” shirt and my Diadem necklace.

img_5221The party was at my local Barnes and Noble and I arrived just as it was starting. There were a lot of people I knew there – and they were all nice people! Isn’t that good! – and I had a lot of fun waiting on midnight to roll around and goofing off. I did some art (shown right), but mostly I just looked at all the fantastic cosplays and did a lot of fangirling.

Yes I did stay all the way until midnight to get the book, although, I didn’t stay up all night reading it (I did wake up at 8am to read, however). It was totally worth it.

img_5272The next mornting – on the 31st – I met my friend, who couldn’t make it out at midnight, at the same Barnes and Noble for another Potter Party. It was supposed to be an entire day of chatting about Harry (and the play for those of us who had read it) and doing fun games and activities. What it was was a few young kids who probably hadn’t been allowed out the night before and leftover activities from the party. And I – as Rowena Ravenclaw – was the only one in costume!! I had some fun photos taken as Rowen anyway. I may even fix up that costume (I dug it out of my closet), find a brown wig, and make a better diadem and use it for Halloween. I will almost certainly wear it to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which I plan to attend at midnight.

I’m very glad I got it at midnight, because by 1pm (when I was there a second time) they had sold out. Below are some photos of my night, a short (spoiler free!) review of the book, and my social media posts.


The Play

I promised no spoilers, so that’s what you’ll get. What I can say is that it was better than I expected considering how mixed the reviews were. Yes there are parts of it that read “like fanfiction” but at this point there is so much fanfiction out there that you couldn’t NOT have some element of it in there. There are also a lot more cameos from classic Potter characters than you’re expecting (and the reason you’ve not seen any photos of them in costume is that it would give away a lot of the plot of the play) and yes some of them will make you cry. Even characters who didn’t have a cameo were mentioned (very dangerous drinking game: take a drink every time a member of Harry’s class at Hogwarts is mentioned or shows up).

Overall I loved it, and I’ll have a lot more up soon.

Social Media

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Books at the Her Universe Fashion Show

This year at Comic Con was the third annual Hot Topic and Her Universe fashion show. Now, I’m a huge fan of her Universe and Ashley Eckstein (who I know as the voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars) so of course I was excited to see what all happened at the show. Needless to say A LOT OF GEEKERY. I wasn’t able to go, but I did vote on their website (its open until August 11th) and I wanted to cover the ones based on books. There are a lot more, of course, but the book ones were the best ones.


  • All photos belong to HER UNIVERSE and HOT TOPIC
    • Except the featured Image which belongs to TEEN VOGUE
  • All costumes, patterns, etc are property of their creators
  • All opinions stated are purely my own and are not meant to offend anyone



Designer: Jesse

Fandom: The NeverEnding Story – Falkor

My Thoughts: I’ve not seen The NeverEnding Story in years (and I’ve never read it, sorry) but even I immediately knew what I was looking at (after debating if it might be a Pokemon). So it scores well in my opinion for that. Its also well constructed and very professional looking.


Hannibal’s Design

Designer: Sarah Hambly

Fandom: Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs –Hannibal Lecter

My Thoughts: This dress kind of terrifies me, but in that good, Hannibal kind of way. It pays homage to the character without being overly obvious.


The Dragon Beyond the Wall

Designer: Grace DuVal

Fandom: Game of Thrones – Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

My Thoughts: I don’t know what this has to do with Dany – other than people apparently ship them despite that thing that came out at the end of the last season – and personally I think its a great representation of Jon without adding in Dany.

Notes: It makes much more sense now that I’ve seen this video, which shows that the dress turns into Dany.


A Promised New Life

Designer: Alexandra “Rei Star” Ray

Fandom: Howl’s Moving Castle – Howl

My Thoughts: I’ve read most of the book – I can’t remember why I stopped, but I do intend to finish it one day – and I think this is a perfect representation. Its also just a beautiful dress that you can admire without knowing the background.


I Solemnly Swear I’m Up to No Good

2016 Audience Winner

Designer: Camille Falciola

Fandom: Harry Potter – Marauder’s Map

My Thoughts: Its based on the Marauder’s Map, which, while pretty cool, is something we’ve all seen done over and over and over. Someone clearly put a lot of time into it, I’m just not sure it was the most creative one there.

Notes: This video shows that the dress actually transformed – the map showing up as the model walked – and that makes it much cooler.


Expecto Patronum

Designer: Erica Williams

Fandom: Harry Potter – Patronus 

My Thoughts: Its a very pretty dress, but to me it looks more like the Ghost of Ravenclaw tower than it does a Patronus. It also looks more like a regular prom dress than a cosplay, but I have to admit, it IS beautiful.


Newt’s Menagerie

Designer: Harmony Leiker

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them – Dragons

My Thoughts: I don’t know what this has to do with Dragons, its pretty, but not that dragon-y. I think the front panel might have a dragon on it, but then again, I’m not too sure.


The Always Dress

Designer: Selina Zawacki “SZMOON”

Fandom: Harry Potter – Patronus

My Thoughts: Severus Snape is overrated – and not a good person (just a stalker) – and the doe on this dress barely shows in this photo (its in the beading on the dress). Its nice, but eh. (The girl who designed it has purple hair though, so thats nice).

damngoodshindigdotcom who was there said that the dress was actually electrically engineered so that it lit up as the model walked the runway.


The Story that Lived

Designer: Tanya Apuya

Fandom: Harry Potter – Book

My Thoughts: THIS WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! It certainly got my vote, and I think you can love it no matter what fandom you like (because it doesn’t have to be a Harry Potter book!).

damngoodshindigdotcom who modeled the dress was kind enough to provide me a link to a few more photos!