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Tag Thursday

No one tagged me to do this, but I found it a while ago on Alyssa is Reading.

Vital Stats

Name: Camryn

Nicknames: Cam

Birthday: February 3

Star Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: College Student


Hair Colour:blonde

Hair Length: shoulder

Eye Color: Brown

Best Feature: My eyes

Braces: Gone, thank goodness!!

Piercings: One in each ear

Tattoos: None

Right or Left: Right


Best friend: Cameron from Daycare. There were actually three kids with a variation of the name “Cameron” (I was the only one spelled Camryn) that were all born within a month of each other at my daycare.

Award: I’m sure it had to do with reading.

Sport: Horseback riding (then T-Ball, Ballet, Karate, and Ice Skating)

Real holiday: I have no clue.

Concert: Muse


Film: I have no idea.

TV Show: Classic Scooby Doo

Color: Purple

Song: Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon has a very special meaning to me, but I also love “Don’ Rain on my Parade”.

Restaurant: I don’t know.

Shop: Union Avenue Books

Books: Tolkien

Shoes: Sandals or anything comfy (I do not like Tennis shoes though) or anything that fits my tiny feet). I have to wear Narrow Width shoes.


Feeling: Excited

Single or Taken: do fictional characters count?

Eating: I just finished a Subway Sandwitch

Thinking about: The cat thats trying to fight my foot.

Watching: My mom and I have been marathoning Agents of Shield

Wearing: Winnie the Pooh Shirt


Want children: No

Want to be married: Maybe

Careers in mind: Research Librarian or Museum Guide

Where you want to live: A big house with enough land to have a horse.

Do you believe in….

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: No.

Ghosts: I’ve two and experienced another so yes.

Aliens: I think its completely probable. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clark

Soul Mates: No?

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

Kissing on the first date: No. I dated a guy for six months and never kissed him.

Yourself: Most of the time


Pokemon Go Book Tag

Tag Thursday

The Pokemon Go Tag was created by Read At Midnight and I was tagged by Mac of Nerds and Novels (whom you may remember for his recent guest post).

I love Pokemon so much, so I was delighted when this tag came along (and guys, let me tell you, it was everywhere, I swear to you every other post on my dash was this tag). Fun Fact: The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Diamond way back when you could still walk into a blockbuster’s store and rent games (pro tip: do not rent Pokemon games, it sucks when you have to give them back).

Tagging: I’m not tagging anyone, because I think everyone who wants to do it has done it, but if you want to say I tagged you feel free. And please, drop me the link to your tag!

And goodness is this tag long! In fact, its so long that I’m going to put the bulk of it under a read more despite trying to get away from doing that (partially because of the feedback on my survey which I would still love for you to complete!).


My first Pokemon in Pokemon Go was Charmander (because who doesn’t love a little fire dragon baby?), but my first Pokemon ever – and favorite – is Piplup, the adorable Penguin Pokemon (see my embroidered Piplip here). Seriously, when I first got Pokemon X for my DS I spent hours trolling the World Trading center trying to get one before Mac was kind enough to pass one on (I’ve since bred it with a Ditto and have ten or so), but the one from Mac is over level 60 and I’ve yet to evolve it (they’re cuter when they’re little!).

The book that started my love for reading was probably the Magic Tree House Series. Yes I’d already had Harry Potter and The Hobbit read to be by my mother, but Magic Tree House was the first that I read by myself.


If you did that hack and got Pikachu as your starter – who discovered that anyway?? – then I am very JEALOUS of you because I think he’s adorable (I know some people think he’s overrated, but you know what? Screw them).

I will always love ANYTHING by JRR Tolkien, but for this – because for some reason people don’t always lump the Lord of the Rings in with traditional classics? – I’ll say Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. It was probably one of the first true classics that I ever read and so it will always stick with me.


Zubat is everywhere in the traditional Pokemon games – and yes, trust me, it annoys me – but for me in Pokemon Go I’m much more likely to run across a Ratatta (which are cuter anyway).

For overdone book I’m going to have to say The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins. I really liked it back when I first read it – and I remember saying to my mom ‘I can’t imagine how they’ll make this into a movie but wouldn’t it be cool?’ – but I’ve only seen one of the movies (the first one) and I cringe a little whenever I see it. Not to mention, I blame it for the Dystopia genre spiraling out of control and now I cannot stand that genre anymore.


Personally I really like Ditto and not just for its uses – although, as I mentioned previously, its gotten me about 10 Piplups – and I hope I can get one in Pokemon Go just because I think its really cute.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman is full of every cliche and stereotype under the sun but I love it anyway. Its just a really fun book (and movie) that I feel everyone should read at least once (or twice). See my movie review which includes a little on the book here.


Isn’t Snorlax adorable? I actually managed to catch one in Pokemon Y and promptly named it Bai Bae after my best friend Bailey who will hopefully either never read this post or take that as a compliment (which it is meant to be, I swear!).

I’m going to say A Song of Ice and Fire / A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin even though I technically have started it (but I gave up on it because of the size). Even though its not really up my alley (too much sex and rape and incest, seriously calm your tits) I’d like to read more of it just so I can understand the phenomena.


Personally I think the ghost type Pokemon are really cute and they don’t actually freak me out at all. Maybe its because they’re mostly purple in color. (and I just want to say, I’m writing this at Panera the guy next to me is saying “the thing that is being possessed by the possessor” but he’s a tutor talking about grammar and I’m trying not to laugh about how perfect the timing is).

Asylum by Madeleine Roux is by far the most terrifying thing I have ever read. Granted I try to avoid horror books, but still this thing was way too much for me (my mom liked it though).

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Disney Book Tag

Today I’ve decided to try the Disney Book Tag by Katytastic because I absolutely love Disney. As usual no one invited me to try this, I just decided to and invited myself AND I’m going to Disney World! I’m scheduling this to be published during my trip.

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Tag Thursday: Totally Didn’t

This week’s tag Thursday is the Totally didn’t tag by ReadLikeWildFire. It’s a chance to express some (possibly unpopular) opinions. Remember that these are my personal opinions and I respect yours and expect the same of you, even if we differ.

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